Some in Wales have recently begun to enjoy the benefits of “fast” broadband. The Superfast Broadband scheme backed by BT and Welsh Government is slowly rolling out across the country. Whether you will be able to get it or not still remains something of a postcode lottery, however. Riverside Business Park already benefits from an improved technology over this fast broadband – a 50Mbps “ultrafast” service that’s suited to business rather than home use.

If your business relies on the Internet – for running digitally-delivered services or uploading as well as downloading files – this business-grade service is essential. But what is “ultrafast” broadband and why do you need it?


Dedicated connection for greater data bandwidth

Riverside Business Park has a direct fibre optic Internet connection to a business-grade network in North Wales called Fibrespeed. This network was created with businesses in mind. While the Superfast Broadband scheme is undoubtedly an improvement on previous technology, it still relies on existing – and now dated – technology to deliver Internet. This limits its capability to deliver truly fast data transfer.

Superfast Broadband brings fibre optic technology to street cabinets – those green metal cupboards you see at the side of roads. But between those cabinets and properties, that Internet still relies on copper telephone wires. The biggest issue this causes – aside from reliability – is that it limits how much data can travel back up the network. That’s why Superfast Broadband still has very restricted upload speeds. If you want to send a large file, it’s still slow. Also, cabinets serve many properties. They all share the same bandwidth. If all your neighbours are streaming video the bandwidth is “throttled” and your Internet speed suffers. How many times have you noticed the Internet slow down in the evening? That’s because other people whose Internet shares your street cabinet are all online!

Compare that to a dedicated fibre optic network connection. There are no telephone copper wires used, so upload speed is as fast as download speed. And note the word “dedicated”. The connection is not shared across other streets and properties. So there is very little throttling and speeds remain consistent. Such consistency is an essential for any business.


What ultrafast broadband can do for your business…

Ultrafast broadband can be transformational. Services that you might deliver as physical packages can be done digitally. An obvious example could be an accounting software package that you previously had to update by visiting a client premises or mailing CDs and instructions. It opens up the “Software as a Service” business model which may be relevant to you. For businesses used to handling large files, such as graphic designers or audio-visual companies, data can be shared easily by Internet, rather than bundled onto CDs or memory sticks and sent by post. In fact, ultrafast broadband makes live editing possible – so you and a client in another location can make changes via the Internet. Creative industries will understand just how much time and expense that could save!

One other benefit many businesses take advantage of is Internet phone services. Known as VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol, all your calls can use the Internet instead of phone lines. So you don’t need telephone line rental, and VoIP charges are typically lower than standard calls.

Riverside Business Park boasts a 50Mbs dedicated fibre connection to the Fibrespeed network. That may not sound a lot, but remember you cannot compare Ultrafast with Superfast broadband. Your download speed will barely fluctuate – it will be as near as 50Mbs at any time of day, however many Riverside businesses are using it. And the upload speed will be the same – 50Mbs. Superfast can’t get anywhere near that!

For more information about Riverside Business Park’s virtual office service, contact Jean Barlow on 01492 582500 or email

Ultrafast Broadband at Riverside

We have invested heavily in the internet facilities at the complex and as a result all of the rooms have access to our Lease line (fibre) broadband connection with 100MB downstream/100MB upstream.

All our occupants have the same features and benefits that are available to larger organisations, a super-fast broadband connectivity and a full feature rich telephony solution.

Superb Location

A55 trunk road with fast access to the UK motorway network and Ireland.

Mainline train station with London just three hours and Liverpool and Manchester just one hour away.

Easy access to Manchester and Liverpool airports – or fly to South Wales from Valley Airport, less than an hour away.

Just 5 minutes to the new Welsh Assembly Government regional offices at Llandudno junction.

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